Aug. 12th, 2016

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For anyone still around reading this journal (I know there's a few of you, anonymous or not. I love you all.) I have started up a help group comm of sorts anyone is free to join/follow/make use of. It mostly pulls form AA and NA literature, but I post my own interpretations of it and whatever it makes me think of as I read it. A lot of it sounds almost the same as what I hear at the dojo and in our own literature/history as well. If you're not an alcoholic or addict, a lot of it is still very good life advice and easily 90-95% of it can apply to anyone suffering form anything, even if it's just mild depression or a sense of not belonging. The rest can be re-worded to fit your situation. A few people liked it on IRC when I mentioned I read these books and asked for some examples when they felt like they needed a thought to think on, and I am using this as a repository.

You don't have to post or comment on any of it, but it is there for you or anyone you know who may need a kind word now and again. I try to post it around midnight PST/-8 GMT, except on days when I'm sick or busy, but I will always make up for it as soon as I can. We have almost a month's worth of entries to peruse now and I'm open to suggestions for daily inspirational sources. I'm thinking of adding my own martial arts philosophy and such to it soon.

It's at [community profile] atmaholics


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