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2014 perspective post

I don't have much to say, and that's a good thing

I'm about to graduate a course on becoming an instructor trainee for my dojo. This, when done, will seal me a career path for the rest of forever. I can be a monk or swordsman all I want to, and childhood dreams can come true.

I never would have dreamed of this.

But one of the assignments for this course was we all had to talk about, in front of the others, what the changes in ourselves we saw since starting at this dojo were.

And I answered that it made me kick my own ass and become healthy, organized, and reliable, and nobody else could have done it to me but me, I doubt even my sensei or his teachers could have done this or made me realize it without me there on the way to see my own results. As much as sensei and his lineage have told me they believed I can do this and have literally dreamed as they slept I took over their samurai arts and swordsmanship with complete confidence, they would not be able to trust me or think such without me whipping myself into shape.

2014 was the year I kicked my own ass, then. I know someday I'll look back on this and grin and knew it was the start of something all much bigger.

I have a very rare opportunity to be one of the biggest of all time. I am stronger and healthier both physically and mentally now than I have ever been in my entire life. Everyone else tells me now for years on end that if anyone could achieve this lofty ideal, it is me, and it's time I started believing in all their words 500% at the very least. I will be the competent and reliable figure I show myself as, no matter what.

I will not take any of it for granted. I will keep my word.

Happy 2015, self, you have a future now.

Grasp it and never let go.
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