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My quest for an iaito (unsharpened metal katana used in swordsmanship practice) continues. Turns out my small size means regulation blades that sensei usually recommends are a tad too much for me to use; I can do everything with it just fine save for re-sheathing it. My small size means I often have to do a bit extra work and steps in all my classes to make up for how fucking short and skinny I am. We may have found one at last, and I hope I can use it. He knows sword quality and is pretty much on the mark with judging how I can adjust my techniques/use equipment to better suit my size but still wants me to try an adjustable wooden sword with scabbard first and see if I can manage an inch shorter than regulation; he's sure that's all I need and could use a 27inch blade with a bit of extra training just fine. I don't have this problem with basic bokken and suburito regardless of size because lol what scabbard.

Anyways. I hope I can use this sword. I mean come on, one of the two he picked out for me in this size is red. Look at it. Unf. It was made for me. Here's hoping. I'll find out during class tomorrow.

In other news, I made char siu broiled pork ribs for dinner tonight. Was my first attempt. Turned out pretty good, though I think mixing up the base sauce would make it even better. You can see some shots of my food here. Miyamoto Musashi himself advocated warriors being more well-rounded skill wise, including things like writing, the arts, appreciating tea, so this is one way I can round myself out as a knight/samurai is by providing others with food. Only Atma would relate cooking to warrior philosophy.

Last but not least, Queen's Blade: Rebellion is getting an anime adaptation this year, which means I'll probably app one of them somewhere eventually in RP, or at least meme them. Most likely Inquisitor Siggy, dominant women seem to be my type. That and I already made a journal for her; I just know she'll mesh well with me.

This post sums up my life pretty well; swords, food, boobs. Such is my existence. See also: being unashamed.


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