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I make turkey jerky for money. You pay me, I send you homemade food, in spicy and/or mild and savory flavors. It's popular enough. Some of you may have even eaten it before. I know some of you are repeat customers. Today I wanted to document my process for the audience splaying along at home.

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Some battle music for your consideration


It is by it blades are forged. By it lovers' hearts beat, spirit is enobled. It has the power to envelope and devour all.

And it is by it we cook the food that sustains our very flesh.

My name is Atma, and I am the everburning Sunset Samurai of our Lady Amaterasu, the very sun herself who shines down on us with such heated majesty.

And it is by my raging inferno you shall find yourselves burned and scarred everlasting!

You've ignited the wrong woman's scorching fury, and it is reflected in how hot the dish I present to you all now is.

May the flames of victory fan in my direction!

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If you would like the basic recipe used here, then please read this and enjoy.
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Today, I'm going to share with you all how I make chili. What is chili? Chili is magic. It's versatile, filling, easy to make, and as hearty as it gets. This recipe uses bison/buffalo and pinto beans, but you can use any meat (or none at all) or any combination of beans you have. Think of this as a base and tweak accordingly.

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