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We all know the economy stinks. Unemployment is still rampant, especially in California here during a recession. And for someone who works nights like me, there's even less options available. However, I want money! The only feasible way right now for me is self-employment. Fuck the status quo, let's do it our way.

I want money for things like martial arts, mostly equipment and optional supplementary class costs. Buying a gift now and again for people I like would be awesome. I'd also like to be able to treat myself to something nice now and again, like some good food or beer. Want to know how you can help? Glad you asked! There's multiple ways to do so!

1.) Buy my stupid e-reader smut off of or some other lovely online purveyors. Enjoy it or don't, either way works.

Book 1 - A Sapphic Inn-cident

2.) Hire me to write for you! Whatever you need or want, original fic or fanfic, pairings or kinks. There's very little I won't at least try to write! Except I'm not doing your homework or essays for you, find someone else to do that if you must cheat.

Interested? I'm starting at a rate of $3 per 100 words up to 2000 words and if you want anything longer, I'll scale it back to $1 per 100 words. To hash things out, email me at maid(dot)mistress(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll take up to 3 commissions at a time for now.

Slot 1 - Available
Slot 2 - Available
Slot 3 - Available

3.) Hire me to cook for you! I will make you turkey jerky (or seasoned, dried fruit depending on what's in season if you're a vegetarian) and ship it directly to your house. In the fall, you can also pay me to buy fresh pumpkins and make you roasted pumpkin seeds.

Base price for everything is $10 to cover shipping and ingredient cost.

After that, add $0.50 for every small bag/$1.00 for every big bag of jerky/fruit you'd like.

For jerky, please specify hot or mild. For seeds, please specify if you want sweet or smokey. For jerky, fruit, and seeds, please specify any food allergies you have.

I will ship internationally, but shipping prices may vary. Talk to me at maid(dot)mistress(at)gmail(dot)com if you're unsure.

4.) Perhaps maybe instead you'd like to buy me equipment or pay for a supplemental class as a gift? Email me at maid(dot)mistress(at)gmail(dot)com and I will link you to the item on a secure, trusted site or tell you how to pay me enough to cover the class cost. This will vary and won't exactly be cheap. Expect ranges of between $20-$200 depending on what it is.

5.) Good ol' fashioned donations! Not interested in any of this and/or don't have that much to spare but still would like to help as much as you can? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'll take repeat customers and will keep in contact with you the whole time so that it happens in a timely manner and in case any emergencies come up. And now, if you're interested, all that's left to do is talk to me and pay!


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