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Let's have a happier, more public entry now!

I will be tested for my yellow belt in two weeks in karate. This is the second belt on the rung and the first rank advancement. It means I am well drilled in the basics and have a solid, strong foundation in me. I know how to form my fists and feet, I know how to block, I know all the basic stances and attacks and how to transition between them, I have mastered Fukyugata-Ichi and know what it's for, and I know all the historical/educational/philosophical stuff given to me so far. Basically, do I have what it takes to actually take my learning further? I know I'll pass, but it's time for me to drill those basics in anyways. Especially the kata, understanding it and form is a huge part of this test, as well as understanding why we counter attacks they way we do.

You can see a video of the kata I'm refining here. It's even one of the two styles I'm learning, Matsubayashi. We tend to use a bit deeper stances but otherwise that's what I get to do about a billion times before testing. Honestly, it's basic looking, but it's mentally taxing to keep form the whole time. It's designed to teach us how to deflect and counter kicks. If I can keep up with this I can keep up with other, more intricate kata.

Still no iaito yet. I need to test out some swords sensei will bring in next week before making a commitment. He's rather proud of me choosing to wait and make sure this is going to work than eagerly diving in and possibly wasting money. It will come to me, I know it. It sucks being the only one in class without one yet but sensei knows it's because I'm so damn short. It's excused for now. Better to wait for the perfect weapon than to hurt yourself on an unfit one now.

Hey you guys it's like I like martial arts and swords a lot! Swordblog 2012.

Also [personal profile] sushiflop I got your card. It was under the door when I woke up and cats pawing at it. Thank you, I'll look at it after I go out to eat and run some errands here in a bit.

EDIT: Two dreams I had earlier were I was on a local highway and a car in front of me kept launching soda cans at me I would catch and one where Kotetsu from Tiger + Bunny came by telling me he knew all the cool hero girls go hang out at this one lesbian wine bar and he could get me a discount as the hero team worked with this company on the down low. Okay dude.


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