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Part 1 of the finale
Part 2 of the finale

It's done. 50341 words later, I'm done with my third book. The Undeniable Clawmark of Basira Nejem, Ultra Genius.

It's a first person journal account of an elven gunner/engineer who invents non-magic powered flight told in a self-aggrandizing style. It's an exercise in first person narrative and narcissism. Basira is certifiably batshit.

Again, I'd no idea what would happen in this story, beyond "Elf gunner chick invents planes, saves day" and made it all up as I went along. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I feel I do my best work when making it up as I go. I know this method isn't for everyone, but it's what I feel works for me.

The book takes place in the same world as my past two projects, which should be rehosted elsewhere soon. Prior knowledge of these two books is not needed for this one. I'm going to work on compiling notes from all this and making a lot of worldbuilding notes these coming months before revising and publishing. Obviously, a lot of what is in these now are filler and placeholders, but they can be easily changed.

You can read the bite sized parts of this using this tag

Of, if you're so inclined to, an RTF version of the whole story is here to read.

There is some copyright data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

This work is categorized as beerware. If you like it, buy the author a drink, or have one in her honor.

This work is categorized as donationware. If you like it, you can donate whatever you like to the author. You can contact her at

The average wordcount was 2289 for LibreOffice count and 2288 for Official count spread across 22 days. 5 were taken off for personal/health reasons.

Each one of these projects, I improve by leaps and bounds and am always proud of myself for doing this, despite any woes or hardships.

I need a drink.
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Words In This Update - 1144 / 1134
Final Wordcount - 50351 by LibreOffice / 50341 by Official NNWM Wordcounter

...should probably be left to rot and forgotten as they're probably smellier than you'd think )
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Words In This Update - 1569
Total Words So Far - 49207

All good things... )
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Words In This Update - 2115
Total Words So Far - 45121

guess I should start wrapping this up )
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Words In This Update - 2597
Total Words So Far - 43006

Oh no how will she get out of this one )
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Words In This Update - 2222
Total Words So Far - 40409

let's getting ready to climax )
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Words In This Update - 2548
Total Words So Far - 31128

it appears to be lampshade hang oclock )
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Words In This Update - 3074
Total Words So Far - 28580

ayem da depressingest )
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Words In This Update - 2256
Total Words So Far - 25506

Ahead of the pack )
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Words In This Update - 2124
Total Words So Far - 23250

Wasn't expecting to see that one )
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Words In This Update - 2088
Total Words So Far - 21126

I'm so tired )
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Words In This Update - 2407
Total Words So Far - 19038

mine your own business )
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Words In This Update - 1568
Total Words So Far - 16631

ooops written into a corner )
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Words In This Update - 2513
Total Words So Far - 15063

Even geniuses have their dethroning moments )
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Words In This Update - 2175
Total Words So Far - 12550

sense stopped being made days ago )


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