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Fanfic notes for an Attack on Titan martial arts AU fic I'm gonna start but wanted a detail dump of things I can't quite include in the story/everyone's roles and such for me to refer back to.

FIC TITLE: Crashing Gates: Iron Fists of Freedom

Takes place in 1975 in San Francisco, California. (San Francisco is a historical hub of immigrants from all over every part of Asia and has a rich history of them establishing branches of their schools of martial arts.) Inspired by cheesy kung fu/chop socky films and my total love for every martial art ever. Will not completely parallel the full AoT storyline but hints of it will be there.

Mikasa Ackerman: Martial arts child/teen prodigy. Rises through the ranks at a rate not seen since her Sensei, Levi, helped form the style and school and gained his belts. Style: Tsubasa-Ryu Karate

Eren Jaeger: Mikasa's adopted brother. Over eager white belt with too much to prove and too much energy. May wind up hurting himself someday. Style: Tsubasa-Ryu Karate

Armin Arlert: Mikasa and Eren's childhood friend. Doesn't really do martial arts himself but he loves the history of them and studying obscure, near-lost arts such as battlefield smoke signals, reinforcing barriers, and swimming in armor. Their cool strategy bro. Style: None

Sensei Levi: The current head instructor at Trost Academy of Combat Arts and current head instructor for Tsubasa-Ryu karate. Strict and hard, but gets results. Has a WUKO team he sends around the world consisting of his prize black belts Petra Ral, Oluo Bozado, Eld Jinn, and Gunther Schultz. Known for his fast paced kama work. Style: Tsubasa-Ryu Karate

Sensei Hanji Zoe: Assistant instructor at Trost Academy of Combat Arts. Known for her vibrancy and curiosity, she is often seen using odd weapons like the kusari-gama and making notes of what moves seem most effective against what. Her personal style is eclectic and innovative. Style: Tsubasa-Ryu Karate

Grisha and Kalura Jaeger: Eren and Mikasa's parents. Grisha was the founder of Tsubasa-Ryu and left the dojo in Levi and Hanji's capable hands years ago to study medicine. Kalura stays at home and encourages her children to do their best. Style: Grisha - Tsubasa-Ryu Karate. Kalura - None.

Ymir: A fierce swordswoman known locally as "The Almighty Freckled Oni." Enters kendo tournaments to earn money for booze and tooling around with her car, The Utgard. Nobody knows where she came from but the prevailing theories are she is the daughter of a Mexican drug lord, an exiled member of Portuguese royalty, or she hails from an orphanage in Spain and sends some of the money from her winnings back to it. Style: Muso Ten Ni Yaro-Ryu kendo/kenjutsu/iaijutsu

Christa Lenz: The gorgeous daughter of the current head of Clan Reiss T'ai chi ch'uan. She disagrees with her father's corrupt usage of the art (such as fooling terminally ill people it can help cure them or convincing young adults they can blast people away with chi energy) and sneaks off to study it/train it in on her own in Golden Gate Park. Can wield a mean jian. Ymir is in love with her and often sneaks to the park to watch her from afar. Style: Clan Reiss T'ai chi ch'uan.

Annie Leonhart: Muay Thai star. Not much is known about her beyond the fact she trains seriously and constantly and is notoriously hard to beat. Has been all over the world in tournaments and has seen some shit in her day. Rumor has it her dad started training her before she could even read. Sometimes hangs out and trains with Bert and Reiner. Style: Muay Thai with some jujitsu influence.

Reiner Braun: A famous grappler known for charging into matches like a tank and being next to impossible to bend over due to being built like a brick shithouse. Judo, BJJ, Aikido, Wrestling, he does it all so long as it involves tackles, grapples, grips, and throws. A minor scandal erupted a while ago in his career when it was revealed he likes dudes too, but it gained him a cult gay following in the Bay Area and beyond. Sometimes hangs out with Annie and is usually seen with his childhood friend, Bert. Style: A mix of grappling arts but mostly focusing on Judo at the moment

Bertholdt Hoover: A tall, shy kickboxer who has been best friends with Reiner since they were kids. He began to study martial arts as a kid mostly for self defense reasons and didn't enjoy it or confrontation at first, but is now known to be a real competitor when he puts effort into it. Helps keep Reiner in check and can usually be seen reading books on the history of martial arts much like Armin does. Sometimes hangs out with Annie, who he thinks is kind of cute but would also kill him probably. Style: Savate.

Sasha Blouse: A farm girl from the Sonoma-Napa Wine Country where she would grow and hunt for her own food in the North Bay's hills and plains. Fell into the wrong crowd once she moved to the big city to try to earn money to save her family's farmlands from debtors. Known to be a sharp shot with a longbow. Style: Hatauchi Kyujutsu

Connie Springer: Another kid from the Sonoma-Napa Wine Country. Kind of dim but friendly, he went to San Francisco to seek fame and fortune for his family. He knew nothing of the big city nor martial arts and just wandered into the first dojo that would accept him. Big mistake. Style: Dai-Gaki Modern Ninjutsu

Jean Kirstein: A once snobbish kid who wound up getting into boxing and loving it. Met his best friend Marco at the local gym and uses him as a sparring partner. Once wanted to grow up rich, now he would rather become a cop to protect the mean streets of San Francisco. Style: Boxing

Marco Bott: Jean's best friend. A simple, kind soul who showed Jean the reality of his ideals and got him to grow up a bit. Likes to box and wants to join Jean on his quest to become a cop and serve the greater good. Style: Boxing

The "Titans": A horrible martial arts group full of horrible people. Have been causing shit in San Francisco for some time, and Tsubasa-Ryu was developed specifically to counter them. They do everything from kidnappings, to drug runs, to murder and theft. They use a mysterious style known as Kyojin-Ryu Karate and it is known to be absolutely brutal and their conditioning exercises short of entering Hell in intensity. Nobody knows who runs them, where they came from, and members are known to disguise themselves as common fighters. Can they be stopped?

Most of the styles named do not exist but all have roots in real world martial arts. Let's talk a bit about them.

Tsubasa-Ryu: Translates to "Wing Style." It is based on Okinawan karate and is named for the Survey Corps, with their style being closer to hard-soft. They specialize in quick, precise movements and strikes as well as kobudo, with their favored weapon being a pair of kama.

Kyojin-Ryu: Translates to "Titan Style." It is also based on Okinawan karate, specifically more towards harder styles like Uechi-Ryu. They are insanely conditioned bastards who put their students through several hells before they consider them worthy. Specialties of the style include brutal strikes to sensitive areas meant to debilitate their opponents permanently.

Muso Ten Ni Yaro-Ryu: Translates to either "Peerless Heavenly Two Drops of Evening Dew Style" or "Peerless Heavenly Two Assholes/Bastards Style." Ymir's style of swordsmanship has its roots in old samurai arts and dual-wielding sword styles such as Musashi's long and short sword style, Niten Ichi-Ryu. Her kendo is more sporty and modern and would not have been a traditional part of the system; that would be mostly iaido/iaijutsu and kenjutsu. While older rules for kendo exist, they will not be used for Ymir at this time as she mostly sees it as a means to an end (money) and not a historical curiosity.

Clan Reiss T'ai chi ch'uan: Christa's style of T'ai chi is meant to be practiced hard as a system of self defense as well as slow and with some Chinese fencing thrown in. Many systems of T'ai chi in reality are closer to actual defense systems that can be done as slow exercise or a hard form of self defense, but like Christa's dad, many pervert it and apply a crapton of woo and pseudoscience to it. It is named for her real name, Historia Reiss. The system favors a Jian.

Hatauchi Kyujutsu: Translates to "The Ploughing Archery Art." Kyujutsu is old combat archery that was primarily used by samurai, especially on horseback (yabusame). Since Sasha comes from a farm and is largely from a hunting clan in her main canon, kyujutsu fits her needs more than modern Kyudo, which is mostly about patience and focus rather than accuracy or lethality. Kyujutsu didn't really have style names, but it's Sasha and we all know she would give her style some cool name relating to her home she holds so dear.

Dai-Gaki Modern Ninjutsu: Translates to "Huge Brat Modern Ninja Arts." Ninjutsu, back in the eras it was needed and actually used, was legit, but has since lost that legitimacy to time and mystification and bastardization of actual historical ninja and what they are capable of. Almost all modern systems are garbage and have nothing to do with anything but sounding and looking like a huge idiot. Some techniques and fighting and strategy bits from actual historical ninjutsu still exist, but they're rare to find and see. Connie basically got conned big time because it looked/sounded cool at the time. They probably believe in Dim Mak or something equally laughable.

Real World Martial Arts: These include the following
Some esoteric koryu
Muay Thai

These are all legit as hell and you should go educate yourself.
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