Jan. 27th, 2016

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I got diagnosed officially with moderate depression recently. It's something I've pursued a diagnosis in for years, since it's a lifelong and hereditary problem, and I don't like saying I have something definitely without official word, so it's nice to have confirmation. I'll start therapy once the waiting list is done sorting me, but until then my assignments are to keep busy, invest in new hobbies, and take a mile walk every day. I already been walking regularly, but they told me to keep it up. So I got a portable radio to take with me since we have actually good local radio stations, and I'll walk even in storms, and I talk to locals a lot now so at least it's never boring.

I've tried making stuff in photoshop again, visited friends, went to a convention with them, and started building military model kits with my transmom as a form of constructive meditation. I'm going to try drawing again soon, too.

2015 was horrible to live through and one of the hardest things I ever done, alongside having to give up booze, so I'm glad 2016 looks like a year of recovery.

I'll live, that much is certain if 2015 taught me anything it's that it's nowhere near my time yet, but it's so hard to clean up after yourself when you almost die a few times.

I'm just glad I'll finally get the help I need.


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