Feb. 26th, 2014

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So everyone and their mom knows I'm a huge metalhead. It's something I've been since I was a little kid and have been especially nourishing again in recent years. It's my genre. It's also a very hard genre for me to recommend to other people since there's so many subgenres and levels of harshness and themes that are uncomfortable to many.

So in part to celebrate my favorite genre and one of my favorite characters in fiction, I whipped up a fanmix designed to get people interested in metal, especially those who have no experience but want to try thanks to my ramblings.

My Last Crusade - A Completely Metal Ymir Fanmix
Listen here
By Atma
Art by exp

Most of these were chosen based on Ymir's (as of this date) incomplete backstory, what it hints to, her motivations, her hedonistic tendencies, her give no fuck attitude, how tough she likes to pretend she is but how hard it is for her to curtail her heroic tendencies, and a couple just remind me of how mushy she gets around Christa. It covers a wide range of subgenres. I tried to arrange it some kind of chronological order but whatever.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

Track List and 8tracks and Lyrics inside )


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